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Special Operations

Special Operations is comprised of three separate bureaus:

  • Special Enforcement Bureau (SWAT section/Hazardous Devices Unit/Tactical Arrest Team/Crisis Negotiators Team/Canine Services/Grants)
  • Mutual-Aid Bureau
  • Air Support Bureau 

In the event of an incident or disaster, members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department will provide much of the first response. It is crucial that our first responders attend to the critically injured, initiate rescue operations, establish crime scene perimeters and develop communication lines. While assistance from state and federal personnel will eventually arrive to assist, it is imperative that our first responders are trained and ready for the initial deployment. The members of the Special Operations Division are committed to the pursuit of a coordinated strategy of preparedness to ensure the readiness of our "first responders" who are ultimately entrusted with the mission of protecting all the citizens and visitors of our county. Speed and effectiveness of planning, prevention and mitigation, and response to significant public safety incidents is the goal of the Special Operations.