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Inmate Services

Hot meal services have resumed at all Orange County Jail facilities, and all incarcerated persons are receiving hot meals.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and mitigation efforts implemented within our facilities, hot meal services were suspended intermittently for the health and safety of those in-custody. BSCC was notified of the initial suspension of hot meals in April 2020. Each suspension correlated with an active Covid-19 outbreak in our jail system.  On April 26, 2021, hot meal services resumed.  OCSD is augmenting meal services at breakfast and dinner with hot food items (oatmeal, farina, grits, soup, etc.). OCSD has continued to provide medical and religious diets during the pandemic. 

In regards to the cold meals served in our facilities, deli luncheon meats come in individually sealed packaging.   The products come from approved vendors and are subject to California Retail Food Code regulatory guidelines for storage, delivery, receipt, temperature control, etc.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is in compliance with the BSCC and Title 15 and is committed to providing for the health and safety of those in our custody during this pandemic.

The Inmate Services Division includes Commissary Operations, Food Services and Correctional Programs. The Division provides quality products, professional services, and nutritional meals for the County’s inmate population in a fiscally responsible manner. It is also responsible for offering rehabilitative opportunities and re-entry programs aiding in successful community reintegration.  This Division  consists of more than 200 personnel and 900 volunteers working with the Orange County Re-Entry Partnership (OCREP), a formalized group of County/community stakeholders. The staff, volunteers and stakeholders assure that the Sheriff's Department meets or exceeds Title 15 of the Minimum Jails Standards by providing support services, including meals, commissary, educational, vocational, religious, recreational and re-entry transition programs to foster rehabilitation and reduce recidivism of inmates once they leave the Sheriff’s custody.