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Emergency Communications Bureau

The Emergency Communications Bureau (ECB), which consists of Dispatch, Control One, and the Department Commander is a 24/7 operation currently based at the Loma Ridge Facility. The facility is located in the unincorporated Orange County area of Silverado and is strategically built on an elevation of 1,320 feet. With a team of 85 professional and sworn staff, the ECB is among the largest dispatch centers
in California and the only countywide interoperable radio communications center in the state.



Dispatchers serve as the vital link between the community and our deputies, quickly sending help to those who need it most. Fielding hundreds of calls every day, dispatchers stay committed to relaying critical information to field personnel while helping residents navigate an emergency until help arrives.


Control one image

Control One

When we need to connect with other emergency service partners, Control One is our lifeline. It is the central point for all law, fire, public works, and lifeguard agencies, including our state and federal partners. When an incident crosses city or county lines, Control One helps us communicate so we can provide an effective, coordinated response.