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Technology Division

The Technology Division provides professional, responsive public safety communications for all city and county law enforcement, fire service, paramedic, lifeguard, public works and local government operations in Orange County. We will provide the highest level of service in an efficient and courteous manner, and will remain a leader and national model in all aspects of public safety communications systems and services.

The Technology Division manages the operation of the 800 MHz Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS) for all local public safety agencies (law enforcement, fire, paramedic, lifeguard) and for general government on a 24-hour basis. Other services include design, installation, maintenance and programming of communications and electronic equipment (microwave equipment; 9-1-1 dispatch equipment; mobile and portable radios; surveillance, alarm, sound, video, and control systems), engineering and frequency management.
The division consists of 82 personnel organized in six areas that specialize in specific technical applications, including the Dispatch Systems Unit, Mobile Systems Unit, Sound/Video/Security Unit, Radio Microwave Unit, Emergency Communications Section and Program Support Section. These technical units are supported by the Financial Support Unit. Each section and unit maintains a staff of engineers, technicians and support personnel to provide a high level of technical expertise to various public safety functions, including city and county law enforcement, fire services, paramedics, emergency medical services, lifeguard operations, park rangers, public works agencies, local government, courts, jails and Probation facilities.
In addition to providing leadership for the Technology Division, the Director is also responsible for overseeing the ongoing operations and system enhancements of the 800 MHz Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS), including development and oversight of countywide communications system policies and procedures and coordination of 800 MHz Governance Committee and User Group meetings.