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Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Orange County and Orange County Fire Authority Local Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies Orange County's natural hazards and presents a variety of actions and projects, proposed or in progress, that can help mitigate the risks these hazards pose. The federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 requires all local governments to create such a disaster plan in order to qualify for hazard mitigation funding.

Since 2010, the County of Orange has partnered with the Orange County Fire Authority to produce a Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan, focusing on natural hazards in the County unincorporated area, as well as fire hazards in the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) service area and County and OCFA facilities.

Natural hazards profiled in the plan include:

  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Wildland and Urban Fire
  • Climate Change
  • Dam Failure
  • Epidemic
  • Drought
  • Tsunami
  • Landslide

To develop the 2020 Plan update, Orange County convened a working group of County Agencies and partners to review the adopted 2015 Plan and update it to reflect the progress made and lessons learned in the last five years. This team's work was informed by input from Orange County residents as captured by an online survey published in five languages and publicized through the County's social media channels. The approved and adopted plan will serve as a guide for mitigation efforts in Orange County until the next revision in 2026 and is available for review at the link below. Feedback and questions regarding the Hazard Mitigation Plan can be sent to