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Special Enforcement Bureau

Established in 2008, the Special Enforcement Bureau consists of highly trained law enforcement personnel providing the following specialized services on a 24-hour basis:

  • Special Weapons Section has the mission of saving lives during extraordinary law enforcement situations, which are beyond the capabilities of traditional police personnel. They also assist other sheriff’s divisions and patrol stations with crime suppression, service of high risk search and arrest warrants, as well as providing advanced training and special security operations, such as high risk prisoner escorts and site/VIP protection.

  • Tactical Apprehension Team is made up of dedicated professional and sworn staff tasked with clearing Orange County Warrants and locating fugitives in partnership with Orange County Probation and the United State's Marshalls Service.

  • Canine Services Section teams are trained in Drug Detection and regularly assist patrol and investigations with K9 drug sniffs.

  • Hazardous Devices Section is in charge of all explosive related incidents in this county, from detection, disposal, and the rendering safe of devices. The technicians are also qualified to handle hazardous materials and underwater explosives.

  • Crisis Negotiations Team provides expertise in establishing and maintaining communications during crisis situations, involving barricaded suspects, hostage takers, as well as individuals who are a danger to themselves or others.

All of these sections can work independently or in conjunction with the others to provide the most comprehensive law enforcement protection to the residents of Orange County during the most volatile situations.