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Resources Before a Disaster

Are You Prepared for All Hazards?

When a natural or human-caused disaster strikes Orange County, residents may be required to be self-sufficient for up to 5 days or more before help or assistance arrives. By personally preparing, volunteering, and learning about your community's hazards, you can help ensure that you and your community can respond to and recover from disasters more quickly. Creating a resilient community requires action in advance by us all.

Prepare Your Family

Before a disaster, take steps to ensure that you and your loved ones can reunite, communicate, and meet your basic needs. Below are links to resources that can help you take action to prepare.


No matter what your age or abilities, there is a disaster preparedness and response volunteer group that can provide you with information and training.


  • The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) supports the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA’s goals by improving the competencies of the U.S. officials in Emergency Management at all levels of government to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the potential effects of all types of disasters and emergencies on the American people.
  • The International Association of Emergency Managers promotes the principles of emergency management; provides information, networking and professional development opportunities; and to advance the emergency management profession.
  • The California Emergency Services Association is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the promotion of mutual support and cooperation across disciplines in preparing for natural and human caused disasters and public emergencies.

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