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The Records Division consists of five bureaus: Discovery, Information Management, Inmate Records, Media Analysis, and Property & Evidence

Discovery is responsible for case and records information processing required for the prosecution of offenders for the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

Information Management maintains departmental records such as crime reports, warrants and statistics used to complete mandated Uniform Crime Reporting. California Public Request Act (CPRA) requests for OCSD are also managed by this bureau.

Inmate Records is responsible for booking, tracking and releasing inmates in a 24/7 jail operation.  This team also calculates sentence ending dates, interprets ambiguous court documents, sends/receives warrants through teletype, sets activities for transportation of inmates to and from court and other out of County agencies.  They also answer to subpoena duces tecums, discovery requests and public records act requests.  

Media Analysis administers the department’s body worn camera program and manages all facets of digital multimedia collected including classification, cataloging, redacting, and preserving the chain-of-custody of digital evidence.

Property & Evidence is responsible for the security and proper handling of more than 275,000 items. Many items such as weapons, narcotics and currency require special treatment and disposal.