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Research & Development

The Research and Development Division (R&D) supports the department’s mission by developing and maximizing resources necessary to advance law enforcement objectives and department goals through cost effective, innovative opportunities and partnerships. The division facilitates department-wide construction and maintenance for sheriff’s facilities, manages fleet vehicles, provides grant writing and assistance, procures available state and federal equipment, inventories and issues department equipment, processes uniform needs and conducts research and special projects without compromise to quality, safety or service. We will be leaders and a national model for providing professional, ethical, and efficient service to our customers and partners while achieving and inspiring the highest levels of integrity and accountability.

R&D was organized in April 1999. It's role is to support mission critical equipment and facilities while also seeking opportunities for innovation and advancement of the department's resources. Since its inception, the R&D Division has excelled in developing and maintaining projects and opportunities with department-wide applications and benefits. R&D maintains a focus on the future needs of the Sheriff’s Department and seeks avenues to find resources necessary to meet these needs. R&D also strives to assist and support other agencies with grants, research projects, asset procurement and special events in support of law enforcement. There are three core sections within R&D, each with specific functional responsibilities:

Resource Management

  • Fleet Management
  • Office Support Unit
  • Quartermaster

Facilities Planning

  • Project Administration
  • A/E Contracts
  • Construction Mgt.
  • Planning & Studies
  • Drawing/Document Mgt.

Facilities Operations

     Facility Maintenance Shops 

  • Central Jail Complex
  • Core Services 
  • James A. Musick Facility 
  • Theo Lacy Facility

     Maintenance Support and Compliance Unit 

The R&D Division is comprised of 106 full-time personnel with an annual operating budget of 43 million dollars. In addition, R&D is responsible for the management and execution of capital projects ranging from 20-100 million dollars annually and maintenance projects ranging from $10-30 million dollars annually. Division representatives work with various agencies within the county, state, and nation to influence progress and support the mission of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.