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S.A.F.E. Division

The S.A.F.E. (Strategy. Accountability. Focus. Evaluation.) Division reviews, enhances, and creates department policies, improves safety through compliance with all mandates, reduces liability, produces use of force statistical reports, analyzes trends, assists injured employees in their recovery and return to work, and tracks performance in support of our commitment to public service. 

Risk Management Bureau

The Risk Management Bureau works in close collaboration on legal issues with County Counsel, the County’s Risk Management Office, and contract legal counsel. The bureau evaluates legislative mandates, policy, and procedures; provides training to mitigate risk to the department and its employees; and manages civil litigation that arises. The Risk Management Bureau oversees the department’s Return-to-Work Program and develops departmental performance measures.

Civil Litigation Unit

In coordination with County Risk Management, the civil liability team investigates and manages all claims and lawsuits against the Department and strives to reduce Department liability exposure through proactive root cause and trend analysis.

Return to Work Unit

Assists the County’s Workers’ Compensation Unit in processing, tracking and monitoring work-related injury claims. This unit strives to accomplish the goal of supporting injured employees and helping them return to work as quickly as possible.

Traffic Collision Review Board

The Traffic Collision Review Board meets quarterly to review all traffic collisions involving Department vehicles, which cause damage, injury or death.

Performance, Planning, and Development Unit

The Performance, Planning, and Development Unit partners with all OCSD divisions to help improve the delivery of services, while striving to eliminate waste and create value for the public we serve. This unit is focused on building competency, continuous improvement, performance metrics, strategic planning, and the overall growth and development of each division and OCSD as a whole.


S.A.F.E. Bureau

The S.A.F.E. Bureau is tasked with the revision and creation of policies and procedures to ensure that the Department meets and exceeds industry standards utilizing the best practices available. The ultimate goal of the unit is to reduce the Department’s exposure to liability and create a streamlined system for supervisors and managers to support and promote the delivery of quality service; build competency; identify and address opportunities for improvement; and measure and celebrate successes.

Labor Relations

Serves as the Department liaison with the various bargaining units on all labor relations issues and during contract negotiations.

Policy Manual

Coordinates with all Department divisions, manages the Lexipol Policy Manual, and revises policy based on research, case law, best practices and the findings of the Critical Incident Review Board.

Critical Incident Review Board

Identifies and addresses areas of concern related to policy, procedures, training and equipment after each significant critical incident.

Use of Force Review

Manages the Department’s use of force database and provides regular reports to Department stakeholders identifying trends to be used for liability management.


Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for conducting investigations of alleged misconduct by department members while ensuring appropriate due process and Peace Officer Bill of Rights assurances are provided. The department considers its relations with the community to be of paramount importance and encourages citizens to express their opinions regarding the performance, professionalism, and conduct of our employees. To file a personnel complaint, click here.