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S.A.F.E. Division

The Strategy, Accountability, Focus, and Evaluation (S.A.F.E.) Division reviews, enhances, and creates Department policies, improves safety through compliance with all mandates, and reduces liability. It produces statistical reports, analyzes trends, and assists injured employees in their recovery and return to work. It investigates alleged misconduct by Department employees, conducts operational audits and reviews, and tracks performance in support of our commitment to public service. The division comprises the Risk Management, S.A.F.E., S.T.A.R., and Internal Affairs Bureaus.

Risk Management Bureau

The Risk Management Bureau works closely on legal issues with County Counsel, the County's Risk Management Office, and contract legal counsel. It evaluates policies and procedures, provides training to mitigate risks to the Department and its members, and manages civil litigation that arises. The bureau comprises the Civil Litigation Unit, the Return to Work Unit, and the Safety Unit.

Civil Litigation Unit

Investigates and manages all claims and lawsuits against the Department in coordination with County Risk Management. The unit aims to reduce Department liability exposure through proactive root cause and trend analysis. Additionally, it advises the Command Staff on mitigation efforts.

Return to Work Unit

Assists the County's Workers' Compensation Unit in processing, tracking, and monitoring work-related injury claims. This process is performed with the goal of supporting injured employees and helping them return to work as quickly as possible. The unit facilitates all transitional work assignments for employees seeking accommodations.

Safety Unit

Ensures compliance with state and federal safety regulations, facilitates all required Department safety training, and manages the Traffic Collision Review Board. The Board, chaired by the Assistant Sheriff of the Professional Services Command, comprises Department members from various divisions. They meet quarterly to review all traffic collisions involving an unintended event that produces damage, injury, or death involving a Department member and a Department-assigned motor vehicle or watercraft. 

S.A.F.E. Bureau

The S.A.F.E. Bureau is responsible for capturing, analyzing, and presenting critical Department data to stakeholders and policymakers. It ensures legislative compliance, and develops and updates Department policies and procedures. The bureau frequently collaborates with specialists, including subject matter experts, members of County Counsel, the Department’s Constitutional Policing Advisor, the Office of Independent Review, and labor unions. The ultimate goal of the bureau is to minimize the Department's exposure to liability and establish an efficient system for supervisors and managers to support and promote the delivery of quality service, enhance competency, identify and address opportunities for improvement, and measure and celebrate successes. The following are some of the bureau’s responsibilities:

  • Policy Manual – Coordinates with all Department divisions, manages the Lexipol Policy Manual, and revises policy based on research, case law, best practices, and the recommendations of the Critical Incident Review Board.
  • Data Management and Reporting Manages the Department's databases related to Use of Force, Pursuits, Commendation and Complaints, Military Equipment Usage, as well as the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA). Regular reports are provided to Department stakeholders to identify trends for situational awareness, liability management, and the mitigation of injury to employees and the public.
  • Critical Incident Reviews – Provides comprehensive presentations of critical incidents to the Critical Incident Review Board to identify and address areas of concern related to policy, procedures, training, and equipment.
  • Labor Relations Serves as the Department liaison with various bargaining units on all labor relations issues and during contract negotiations.

S.T.A.R. Bureau

The Sustainability, Transparency, Accountability, and Review (S.T.A.R.) Bureau operates as an independent and objective entity that provides reasonable assurances and advisory needs to the Department. The bureau is responsible for the following services:

  • Risk Assessments – Identify and prioritize risks that may prevent the Department from achieving its objectives and goals.
  • Compliance Reviews – Assess operations to determine adherence to policies and procedures, regulations, and mandates.
  • Operational Reviews – Assess operations to determine efficiencies and effectiveness and identify areas of success and areas that need improvement.
  • Internal Control Reviews – Evaluate if internal control standards are operating as intended and identify potential gaps.
  • Process Improvements – Identify opportunities for policy and process enhancements.

The bureau works closely with Department stakeholders to mitigate risks and monitor areas that may require corrective action. It generates performance results of audit engagements, which includes metrics to illustrate current trends and data analysis for management review. 

The bureau executes best practices and methodologies in accordance with the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) to evaluate Department operations. Additionally, it adds value by promoting accountability and transparency to ensure the Department achieves its mission, strategic plan, and goals.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Bureau is responsible for conducting investigations of alleged misconduct by Department employees while ensuring appropriate due process and adherence to the Peace Officer Bill of Rights. The Department considers its relations with the community to be of paramount importance and encourages citizens to express their opinions regarding the performance, professionalism, and conduct of our employees. To file a personnel complaint, click here.