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Victim Referral Services

The men and women of the Orange County Sheriff's Department are dedicated to the protection of all we serve. Crime victims have important rights under the law. The information and resources below may assist if you are a victim of crime.

Domestic Violence Hotline

For information about services in the community, you may contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at (714) 992-1931 (24-hours) who will provide counselors and referrals to shelters and other specialized services to assist you. For more information on Domestic Violence click here.

Child Protective Services - 1-800-207-4464

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

For information about this volunteer program working with abused children visit their website.

Adult Abuse Service

The Adult Abuse Service (1-800-451-5155) is a County of Orange Social Services Agency service which provides aid in circumstances involving elder abuse or abuse to handicapped dependent adults.

Criminal Complaints

The victim of domestic violence should file a criminal complaint with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the incident. The local police agency will investigate any criminal conduct and file appropriate charges with the District Attorney's Office for criminal prosecution.

Civil Suits

You may file suit for losses suffered as the result of the abuse, including medical expenses, loss of earnings and other expenses for injuries sustained and damage to your property, and other related expenses that you or your sheltering agency incurred.

Private Party Arrests

Under certain circumstances, deputy sheriff's cannot make arrests themselves but may ask you to make a private party arrest. The deputy sheriff will explain the procedure to you and ask you to sign the private person's arrest form, which the deputy sheriff will provide. The deputy sheriff will then be able to take the necessary action. You should be aware that despite official restraint of the person alleged to have committed domestic violence, the restrained person may be released at any time.

Trauma Intervention Program

For information about the services provided by the Trauma Intervention Program OC visit there website here.

Hate Crimes

For information about Hate Crimes click here.

Orders of Relief

As a victim, you have the right to go to the Superior Court and file a petition requesting any of the following orders for relief:

  • An order restraining the attacker from abusing the victim and other family members.
  • An order directing the attacker to leave the household.
  • An order preventing the attacker from entering the residence, school, business, or place of employment of the victim.
  • An order awarding the victim or the other parent custody of or visitation with a minor child or children.
  • An order restraining the attacker from molesting or interfering with minor children in the custody of the victim.
  • An order directing the party not granted custody to pay support of the minor children, if that party has a legal obligation to do so.
  • An order directing the defendant to make specified debt payments coming due while the order is in effect.
  • An order directing that either or both parties participate in counseling.
  • To obtain information about domestic violence temporary restraining orders, call (714) 935-7956. This is a 24-hour recorded message, in English and Spanish, which will advise you where and how to obtain a domestic violence temporary restraining order. Advocates are available at that number during regular business hours.

Enforcing Court Restraining Orders

If you have obtained a restraining order against the offender and the offender willingly violates the order, he/she will be arrested and, in most cases, taken to jail if still present when the officers arrive.

Community Service Programs, Inc.

CSP Youth Shelter
Crisis Shelter and Counseling for Youth 11 to 17 - (949) 494-4311

CSP Youth Services
Juvenile Diversion - Counseling, Restitution and Legal Awareness Workshops - (949) 250-0488
PATH Program - Substance Abuse Prevention and Education, Speakers Bureau - (949) 757-1096

CSP Victim Assistance Programs
Victim/Witness Assistance Program - Support Services for Victims of Crime
Santa Ana - (714) 834-4350
Fullerton - (714) 773-4575
Westminster - (714) 896-7188
Newport Beach - (949) 476-4855

Sexual Assault Victim Services - Counseling, Accompaniment, Advocacy for Victims of Rape and Sexual Abuse:

  • North Orange County - (714)834-4317
  • South Orange County - (949)752-1971
  • Rape Crisis Hotline - (714)957-2737
  • Domestic Violence Assistance Program - Temporary Restraining Order Assistance Resource and Referral Counseling - (714)935-7956
  • Temporary Restraining Order Infoline (Available 24 hours) - (714) 935-7956
  • CSP Dispute Resolution Services
  • Conflict Settlement through Mediation - (949) 851-3168

For information about other services in the community contact the following agencies:

Legal Aid Society of Orange County - (714) 835-8806

If you need assistance and are not sure what agency to call click here to send an e-mail to a victim assistance specialist