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Inmate Records

The Inmate Records Bureau has approximately 100 professional staff including the Sheriff’s Records Supervisor, Senior Sheriff’s Records Technician and the Sheriff’s Records Technician.  They are directly responsible for booking, tracking and releasing inmates in a 24/7 jail operation.  Inmate Records is located within the jail and staff are assigned to both the Intake and Release Center as well as the Theo Lacy Facility.  They are responsible for processing over 56,000 bookings and over 39,000 releases a year.  Other duties consists of calculating sentence ending dates, interpreting ambiguous court documents, sending/receiving warrants through teletype, setting activities for transportation of inmates to and from court and other out of County agencies.  They also answer to subpoena duces tecums, discovery requests and public records act requests.  They must keep up-to-date with any new legislations and/or law changes.  This all has to be done in a timely manner to ensure the proper workflow throughout the Department.  Inmate Records must be able to provide information to other agencies promptly.