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CCW License

This page is designed to give general information as well as specific requirements regarding the application process for a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) license from the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is currently updating the CCW Policy 218 to comply with SB2 guidelines that will be taking effect January 1, 2024. Some of these changes include: eligibility requirements, application process and training guidelines.

For details on SB 2, please review the information at this link


Your CCW application needs to be submitted through our online “Permitium” system.  The CCW application process consists of a review of the submitted application along with a thorough background and criminal history check.  

When applying, please ensure you provide the necessary supporting documents.  Whether you are a new or renewal applicant, you must upload all of the documentation listed below even if you have provided them on a previous application.  Failure to submit required documentation may result in the withdrawal of an application

All new applicants must schedule an interview at the time of the application.  Renewal applicants do not need to be interviewed. You will be contacted by one of our CCW specialists in the order in which your application has been received. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at  


  • Valid California Driver’s License or California ID Card (an ID card will only be accepted if you do not possess a driver's license from another state)
  • One color photo of you, similar to a passport or selfie on a white well lit background, taken in the last 6 months (shoulders and above, no hats, or glasses).
  • Two of the following, showing your current address in Orange County (two different providers, dated within the last 60 days).
    • Orange County voter registration
    • Orange County property tax
    • Rental or lease agreement with the signature of the owner/landlord and the tenant/resident listing the term of residency
    • Deed or title to residential real property
    • Mortgage/Credit card statement
    • Residence utility bill (gas, water, electricity, solar, cable, internet or cellular phone)
      • If any of the above are in the spouse’s name, we will accept them with proof of marriage or legal domestic partnership
      • 90-Day out of county residents are exempt
  • DD-214/Orders(Military only)
  • Certificate of Naturalization, Green Card, and/or Passport (If you were born outside the United States)
  • Additional documents may be requested at the discretion of the application processor.
Failure to upload the required documents at the time of submission may result in the application being withdrawn.


The applicant shall not be required to pay for any training courses prior to the initial determination of whether the applicant is a disqualified person pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (d) of Section 26202.

  • New applicants must complete a course no less than 16 hours to include at least one hour of mental health and mental health resources.
  • Training/inspection(s) must be completed at an approved training provider.
  • All listed firearms must be inspected to ensure it is in a safe, legal, and operable condition.
  • Applicant must complete a live fire course for every firearm listed on the license.
  • CCW’s will not be issued until training certification has been completed and verified.


  • Listed firearms must be concealable on one’s person or reasonably sized bag/purse. 
  • Listed firearms must be registered in the State of California and applicant must be the recorded owner. 

New Applicants must complete Live Scan fingerprinting/background check at a DOJ authorized location (renewal applicants are not required to live scan).

All firearms submitted for listing on a CCW license are subject to approval by the CCW Licensing Unit.

  • A firearm may be legal to possess in California and NOT approved to list on the CCW.
  • “AR Pistols” and similar firearms are NOT allowed at this time.


Modifications are allowed for approved CCW listed firearms so long as all parts/modifications are legal in the State of California. All firearm modifications must be inspected at the time of training to ensure the firearm is in safe working order.

  • If a modification(s) is done after the issuance of the license, you must complete the training/inspection as if it were a newly listed firearm. The training certificate should be emailed to to be added to your file.
  • The responsibility for the legality of a firearm and its parts/accessories lies solely with the owner/applicant.
  • Any violations or failure to adhere to state laws/regulations will result in immediate suspension and/or revocation of a license.


The CCW license does not define magazine capacity, just the firearm model, serial number, and caliber. If the magazine and firearm are legal to possess in the State of California, and the firearm is approved to be listed on the license, a CCW license holder may carry.

  • California firearms laws/regulations are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the owner/applicant to ensure the firearm and magazine are in compliance with California law at the time of carry.
  • Any violations or failure to adhere to state laws/regulations will result in immediate suspension and/or revocation of a license.

**OCSD does not provide legal advice on firearms or related equipment**

For further information, refer to the Department of Justice or consult with an attorney.

Location Hours
Orange County Sheriff's Department
CCW Licensing Unit
320 N. Flower Street 4th Floor
Santa Ana, CA 92703 

Monday through Friday

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

(with the exception of County holidays)

To begin the CCW Application, Renewal or Amendment Process click here.

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