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Forensic Unit

The Forensic Unit is comprised of Forensic Assistant positions with primary responsibility for assisting the Forensic Pathologists with autopsy examinations; scheduling and assisting outside neuropathologists, odontologists and anthropologists; collecting, chronicling, and maintaining all autopsy-related evidentiary specimens; processing the decedents into and out of the Coroner facility; and providing training opportunities for medical residents/students and mortuary science students. On a daily basis, the Forensics Unit works in a coordinated effort with any and all county law enforcement agencies, local and state health departments, funeral homes, organ and tissue procurement agencies, and California DOJ as needed.

Green Caduceus

Forensic Pathology Services are provided by Juguilon Medical Corporation, a private company that is currently performing Coroner autopsies for the County of Orange. The pathology staff, comprised of five Board Certified Forensic Pathologists, is managed by the Chief Forensic Pathologist Anthony A. Juguilon, who is also the owner of the company.

The Supervisor of Forensic Operations is responsible for coordinating the overall autopsy activities and other daily operations of the Forensic Unit.

Senior Forensic Assistants in addition to the usual forensic duties, oversee the day to day operations of their section by way of scheduling, ordering of supplies and conducting evaluations of the Forensic Assistants I and II.

Forensic Assistants I and Forensic Assistants II perform duties such as assisting the Forensic Pathologists during autopsy examination, collection of toxicological and other evidence, processing of pathology materials and the release of decedent’s remains to funeral homes. Also included in their required tasks is aiding tissue and organ procurement agencies.

Forensic Staff