2010 OCLEEAA Summer Academy

The Orange County Law Enforcement Explorer Advisor Association (OCLEEAA) sponsored the 2010 Summer Explorer Academy at the Boys Scouts Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, from August 1 through August 5. The Explorer Academy simulates an abbreviated basic law enforcement academy. 192 explorers, from throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties, began the academy; 180 successfully graduated. Orange County Sheriff's Department Explorer Post 449 was strongly represented and proudly saw 33 explorers graduate at the Sheriff’s Tustin Academy, on August 5. Commander Lee Trujillo was in attendance and was the Keynote Speaker at the Graduation. Also in attendance were Captain Tom Gallivan (North Operations), Captain Toni Bland (Training Division), Lieutenant Paul Fuzzard (Reserve Bureau), Lieutenant Tom Slayton (Emergency Communication Bureau) and Lieutenant James Rudy (OCTA/Transit Police Bureau). We would like to congratulate the following explorers from Post 449 for a very impressive showing:


1st place – Explorer Corey Coco
2nd place – Explorer Elizabeth Reidling
4th place – Explorer Matthew Hunter

Notebooks - Females:

2nd place – Explorer Jessica Reveles

Notebooks – Males:

2nd place – Nicholas Alvear

Physical Agility Females:

3rd place – Explorer Jessica Reveles

Physical Agility Males:

1st place – Explorer Eddie Mendez

Overall Top Explorers:

5th place – Eddie Mendez

OCSD Explorer Post 449 would like to thank Deputy Gregg Surrell (Lamoreaux Justice Center), who was the Director of the Academy. Deputy John Larson (Intake Release Center), Deputy Ronni McKendry (Intake Release Center), Deputy Tony Aiello (Mission Viejo Police Services), and Deputy Maria Mendoza (Intake Release Center) who mentored, trained and monitored the Explorers in their role as Explorer Academy Tactical Officers. Thank you to Captain Ron White, Captain Michael Hiller, Lieutenant Michael Gavin, Lieutenant Brent Giudice and Lieutenant Brad Virgoe for accommodating their staff’s schedule so they could participate as Tactical Officers. Post 449 would also like to thank Explorers Garrett Eggert, Lorenzo Corona, Charly Hart and Jeremiah Kennedy for assisting the Tactical Officers at the Academy.

The Explorer Academy Graduation was held at the Sheriff’s Tustin Academy and Post 449 would like to thank Training Bureau Commander Captain Toni Bland, and Tactical Sergeants Dominic Montalbano, and Brad Newmyer for accommodating and assisting in making this Explorer Academy Graduation so successful.

Post 449 would like to thank Lieutenant Brent Giudice, Sergeant Scott Baker and Deputy Robert Naranjo from the Transportation Bureau for arranging OCSD buses to drive the explorers to and from the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center.

We would like to thank Captain Brian Wilkerson, Lieutenant Michael Betzler, Sergeant Han O, Deputy Robert Mergen and Deputy William Fitzgerald from the Air Support Unit, for arranging for the Sheriff’s Department Helicopter to land at the Explorer Academy and talking to the Explorers about the Air Support Unit.

Post 449 would like to congratulate the following Sheriff’s Explorers for completing the 2010 OCLEEAA Summer Academy.

Nicholas Alvear, Johnny Boetsch, Christian Catonwine, Corey Coco, Charly Dang, Cody Duddridge, Iban Florentino, Wences Fontes, Kelly Guevara, Matthew Hunter, Alexis Hurtado, Elias Licea, Beatriz Luna, Eddie Mendez, Jacob Mooney, Alex Nava, Jatziri Navarro, Matthew O’Brien, Spencer Osborne, Richard Paniagua, James Parker, Tyler Peterson, Jon Pifer, Elizabeth Reidling, Jessica Reveles, Irene Reyes, Briana Rodriguez, Sergio Roura, Alexander Santo, Fernando Soto, Leticia Teran, Alison Whittaker, Jacob Wiggs.