2004 Chandler AZ

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Each year, the Orange County Sheriff’s Explorer Post attends the Law Enforcement Explorer Tactical Competition in Chandler, Arizona. In January 2004, the Sheriff’s Explorers competed against over 600 explorers from explorer posts across the nation. This year, the post placed in the following team events:

  • 1st place: Multi-level assault
  • 2nd place: Tubular assault (this involved a hijacking scenario inside an actual C-130 aircraft)
  • 4th place: High risk warrant entry
  • 5th place: Tactical relay race

2004 Chandler AZ

Most of the events involved working in teams; however, there were some individual events that promoted physical fitness. The following explorers were recognized for their physical ability:

  • 1st place: Travis Heximer in the obstacle course
  • 2nd place: Alex Sweredoski in the obstacle course
  • 5th place: Sophia Dossland in the three mile run

The explorers trained in various areas to prepare them for the competition. The kids trained with the Sheriff’s Department SWAT team and the hostage negotiations team, which lead them to victory. The kids were also chaperoned on the trip by several explorer advisors that supervised and guided them through their safe journey.