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The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been proactive in implementing containment strategies, and has activated our communicable disease protocol to safeguard the inmates and staff at the Orange County Jail. The Sheriff’s Department is requiring enhanced medical screening for all inmates, law enforcement, and staff entering the Orange County Jail, including temperature screening prior to entering any OC Jail facility. In addition, all incoming inmates are quarantined for up 14 days to limit exposure to the current inmate population.


COVID-19 IN OC JAILS - Updated June 5, 2023


# Current COVID-19 Positive # Inmates Positive # Inmates Negative

# Results Pending

# Unique Inmates Tested


4,196 48,592 48 52,788

Numbers fluctuate day-by-day due to changes in patient condition(s). Data is gathered daily at one point in time.  This webpage is updated on a weekly basis.

* Number of inmates positive and negative includes symptomatic inmates and asymptomatic inmates.

** Number of tests administered is a cumulative total of positive, negative and pending tests.

*** Number of inmates recovered indicates the number of inmates that tested positive for COVID-19, were isolated, provided medical treatment, recovered and have been rehoused.


Medical Isolation/Quarantine Location as of June 5, 2023

Central Men’s Jail Central Women’s Jail Intake Release Center Theo Lacy Facility
2 0 6 2


***This indicates the housing location of the inmate when they are in medical isolation/quarantine  due to being symptomatic or testing positive  for COVID-19. This is not necessarily the housing location where the inmate was when he/she became symptomatic.